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"Best in Class Messaging Interface"

Featuring MMS "Picture Messaging" (Bring branding to your call center)

MMS Picture Messaging

Increase branding by sending your company logo with every message. And, with every appointment, send a picture of the salerep coming to visit. Also, if the customer needs to communicate by sending in a picture, let them do it.

Active Text Communication

Improve customer experience through text chat. User text replies go immediately to a web-interface allowing instant response to user replies. This establishes a communication exchange, an active text chat!

10 Digit Long Code Messaging

Make your local number textable. This high-value service provides branding and an extra level of customer comfort and familiarity, since users can simply call back the number they just received a text from.

Advance Message Scheduling

Saves time and effort. Inside sales reps can schedule appointment confirmations and reminder messages to go out on specific days and times of the day, which impacts staff productivity.

Mobile Friendly Interface & MMS

Navigating through VELOCE is as easy with a mobile device as with a desktop computer. Messages can be quickly sent through any website format. Share pictures and brand your messages.